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Club Information

Mission Statement (Complete Info)

The Front Range Woodturners are committed to serving woodturners in the Denver Metropolitan area.

Click on the link above for the details of our mission.

Meetings (Complete Info)

We meet in the evening of the first Tuesday of each month at Rockler's in Denver. For complete information

Club Membership

If you're interested in becoming a member please fill out this Membership Application. Dues are $45.00 for an adult, $50.00 for a family, and $25.00 for a student. If you're registering after July then the cost of registration is 1/2 the listed amounts.

Club Brochure

A copy of the club brochure can be viewed and/or downloaded here. This is a lower resolution view optimized for quicker downloading. A higher resolution copy can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

Bylaws (Complete Info)(Download Copy)

The club bylaws are undergoing a review, and this copy may be out of date. Once we make sure we have an up to date copy, they will be be updated here.

The club bylaws are the rules the club follows for elections and other important events. Please use one of the above links or reference a particular section:

Officers (Current Officers)

The Club has an Executive Board which consists of a President, Vice President/Program Director, Secretary, and Treasurer.

In addition, there are several chairs which help the EB manage different aspects of the club.